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School Transport Management has worked on behalf of International and Independent Schools, consortiums, transportation providers and government bodies across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. 


Here's what our clients say about working with us. 

Linda is clearly an expert in the area of private bus transportation for children of all ages.

Having owned her own transportation company, she has in-depth knowledge of all areas of private transportation. She is passionate about looking after the safety and well-being of all the students who take private school transportation and holds herself (and others) to a very high standard.


Any organisation would have confidence that their school transportation was in very safe hands if Linda is leading and overseeing the delivery of the school’s transportation services.  Linda is very professional and a joy to work with. She is pragmatic about what can be achieved in any particular country or jurisdiction however she does not comprise on quality of service or the safety of our students.”

Angelina Tee, Head of Mergers and Acquisitions, Cognita Asia Holdings.

Linda has a high regard for the important customer facing requirements needed when serving in the education sector.

Linda Howard was our transport consultant for a number of years whilst I was working for a private schools’ group in the UK. I always found her to be very professional and informed about the necessary specialist knowledge required to run a safe and reliable schools transport system. 


Linda has a high regard for the important customer facing requirements needed when serving in the education sector, especially the safeguarding and compliance matters, and this together with her strong ability to engage with the required technical details of the specialist transport supplier sector enabled the running of a smooth pupil transport operation without losing focus on the overall key targets of this critical service.”

Greg Warwick, Previously Head of Facilities in the UK for a private schools’ group.

I applaud Linda’s knowledge and professionalism, and unreservedly commend School Transport Management.

Nottingham Girls’ High School is an independent day school for girls from ages 3 to 18. It is part of the Girls’ Day School Trust, the UK’s leading family of independent girls’ schools. We engaged Linda Howard from School Transport Management in 2014 to write our School Travel Plan. Primarily, this was to inform the local authority in support of the school’s planning permission for a major new build.


Linda and her associates undertook a thorough review of the school’s home-to-school offer, traffic flow and traffic management, leading to a comprehensive School Travel Plan. The project also referenced the school’s Eco-School initiative, reviewing, addressing and monitoring the environmental performance of the school with a resultant action plan. 


The final document proved to be an invaluable document for the school, and was well received by the school’s senior management, governing body and the local authority. I applaud Linda’s knowledge and professionalism, and unreservedly commend School Transport Management.”

Jeremy Dunn, Director of Finance and Operations, Nottingham Girls’ High School GDST.

Linda’s expertise and unwavering passion for transport and student safety were instrumental in setting up the transport system for Stamford American School.

Linda collaborated with the school to develop a system that prioritized safety and efficiency. Located in an urban neighborhood, setting-up processes to address congestion and limited space was essential for the school. As student numbers increased, Linda worked closely with the transport operator, school leadership, and students to reorganize pick-ups and drop-offs. She also led an increase in bus requirements to keep congestion down at peak times and to promote safety for all students. These processes also helped to maintain positive neighborhood relationships.


Linda also provided ongoing training for the school’s transport manager, and she led the development of a school travel plan, which allows for increased use of school busses. Linda is lovely to work with, and her contributions were much appreciated. I have no doubt she will continue to impact positively on school transport.”

Karrie Dietz, Head of School, Stamford American School Hong Kong.

I highly recommend Linda Howard as an excellent consultant for school transportation services.

I worked very closely with Linda on all requirements related to a smoothly operational school transportation service.  You will not be disappointed should you require her services.”

Dr. Eric W. Sands, Superintendent, Stamford American International School.

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Does your school bus service need improving?

If you're looking for a safe and compliant school transport service, network efficiency, or help with school travel plans, then please speak with us. 

We have the expertise at every stage of school transport provision. 

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