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Our Services

We provide a comprehensive range of school transport services including:

  • Risk Assessments

  • Network Efficiency Reviews

  • Policy Statement and Procedures

  • Transport Operations Safety Audits

  • Contract Reviews

  • Staff Capability and Training


A Risk Assessment is an important tool to help manage the risks inherent in school transportation. Considerations will be made to include any specific procedural requirement due to student age or student individual needs. 

​We advise on which of the technology tools available best suit the needs of your school in mitigating identified risks. These tools include applications for school bus tracking, student on/off bus registration systems and stakeholder communication.

​A school transport risk assessment includes all aspects of the service. Generally, we look at how routes are structured, the standard operating procedures at each point of service including boarding and disembarking during arrivals/departures, incident /emergency response management, and safeguarding measures established.

Risk Assessments


Routes are not always organized to suit changing student demographics or school needs.


The Network Efficiency Review looks at how the services are organized, scheduled and planned, especially with respect to changing student populations and whether fares are structured fairly and competitively. For larger networks we work with recognized leaders in the industry, utilizing the best product for route planning and scheduling.

Network Efficiency
Policy Statement & Procedures


It is important that schools have a written Transport Policy Statement which aligns with the Schools Safeguarding Policy and Health and Safety Policies. We specialize in assisting schools to write their Transport Policy Statement, tailored to reflect the ethos of the school and supported by procedural manuals.

The manuals detail Standard Operating Procedures in support of the policy and create a framework to administer, audit and measure the performance of the school’s transport services.

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Safety Audits go hand in hand with Risk Assessments.


A Transport Operations Safety Audit takes a further step and looks at specific areas that may not be in the control of the school, such as vehicle maintenance and preventative maintenance systems, driver and bus attendant training, and daily operating guidelines for bus crew and service administration.

Transport Operations Safety Audit
Check List


When outsourcing school transportation, it is vitally important that a well-defined service level agreement (SLA) is in place. The SLA defines the responsibilities of the operator and responsibility of the school, documenting safety procedures, training, operating guidelines and all processes in place to ensure the safety of all students. The SLA establishes measurable standards of performance to ensure value for money for your clients. The documentation of safety procedures and responsibilities helps protect your school in the event of an incident beyond your control.


SLAs clarify accountability, protect your brand, and help to resolve disputes. Simple contracts are not sufficient. These factors are important even if the operators are paid directly by parents. In most cases, schools have chosen the one contractor. It is the schools responsibility to make sure that the operators work to the same high safety standards as expected within the school.

Operation Contract Review
Staff Capability and Training


When introducting Standard Operating Procedures it is important that individuals who are required to implement and oversee these procedures fully understand their role.


We can provide online or in person training for all levels of staff who are required to support and administer procedures for the safety of students arriving and deparating, and when in transit. We also provide additional training for bus drivers and bus monitors in safeguarding of students and daily operating procedures.


Why don’t you call us today for a free 30 minute consultation, where we will listen to your issues or concerns and offer advice? 


We follow every consultation with a written instructional brief. Whether you choose to use our service or whether you choose to go it alone, we are happy to provide this information.

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