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2019 School Transport Safety Conference, Asia

In October of 2019, the first School Transport Safety Conference, Asia was held in Singapore. This conference was a collaboration from all stakeholders, to raise awareness of school transport safety practices and challenges around the world, with a specific focus on Singapore and Asia.

The second conference was due to be held in Bangkok in 2020 but has been postponed due to Covid-19. Therefore, I've decided to republish a summary of the presentation from the 2019 Conference as the topics and messages are even more important now.

The conference objective was to co-create sustainable, actionable solutions to protect children on their journey to and from school. As the lead organizer of this conference, I very much wanted to drive the discussion from grassroots level (individual schools, parents associations) up to operators and government regulators.

The event included experts in transportation, medical profession, child passenger safety specialists and risk advisers.

The following presentation is a brief summary of how best to implement a school transport service, one which fully integrates into a schools culture of care and a service a school can be confident in and proud of offering their students.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.


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